Review: Emirates 777 First Class “The Game Changer”

By Devon Holly •  Updated: 07/13/23 •  6 min read
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Emirates is one of the flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is known to be ostentatiously luxurious in more ways than one; so it would only be natural that their airline reflects this. Emirates has a first class cabin onboard their A380s and Boeing 777’s. Their newer first class on the 777’s are known as “The Game Changer” & boast fully enclosed, floor to ceiling suites.

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Booking- Emirates First Class

As I was hopping around Amsterdam & Brussels, I needed to find a way down to Dubai as I had an Exciting upcoming reservation at one of Marriott’s Top properties, Al Maha. Naturally Emirates would be my first choice of carriers. To book an Emirates Award ticket, it is generally best to search and book directly on the Emirates website. Emirates is a transfer partner of most of, if not all the major credit card banks; They also have the most award availability on their own website vs booking through Air Canada Aeroplan for instance. I was able to take advantage of locking in my First Class Award for a fairly priced 85,00 miles & ~$117 in fees. I transferred points over instantly from my American Express Membership Rewards balance. Unfortunately, since this booking in July 2022, Emirates has significantly raised the mileage cost and taxes/fuel surcharges to exorbitant amounts.

Ground Experience

Emirates does not have a lounge at Brussels Airport (BRU) and there isn’t too many lounge options in general here. i did have access to the Diamond lounge in the Schengen zone and grad some coffee and a light bite to eat while waiting for boarding to begin. Before long it was time to make my way to the gate to begin boarding. Once I boarded I was shown to my seat (1K) by the purser. The WOW factor immediately set in as I looked around this beautiful cabin & suite in amazement.

Cabin & Seat

Upon entering the cabin you’ll see a beautifully designed Ghaf tree on the wall of the cabin. The Ghaf tree is the national tree of the UAE. I was originally in seat 1K, however the purser informed me I could move to seat 2K one of the middle seats if i’d like so I wouldn’t be as close to the galley. I took her advice and moved to 2K. The suite is very spacious and intricately designed. There is a massive TV centered in front, surrounded by a bar on each side containing some snacks & drinks; all of which are yours for the taking at any time. Below the TV is a mirror with stationary set that you may take as well. Below the the TV. & off to the left there is a small storage closest for your luggage. as you look to your left while seated, you see the touch controls to change the lighting in your suite, a thermostat to control the temperature, and another closet to hang some clothes in. Emirates really thought of everything when designing this cabin. As I was greeting acquainted with the suite the FA came by to give me a tour as well as offer a Pre departure beverage. Emirates is known to have a top notch catering selection & they did not disappoint with some vintage 2012 Dom Perignon. I selected this for my first of many glasses on this trip down to the middle east.

Emirates 777 SeatMap


The amenity kit on offer is very extensive and includes a healthy stash of luxury BVLGARI items such as a full size cologne, after shave, body lotion & more. It even comes with a razor & shaving cream & deodorant. Emirates also provides the “world’s first moisturizing sleepwear”. These pajamas & the accompanying slippers were comfortable, however I can’t comment on the moisturizing effect. To the right of the seat there is a dedicated table that you can use to control the IFE and even has a feature where you can video call with the FA’s. Emirates has multiple outside cameras on their 777’s so I watched that for a bit before sticking with my favorite, flight map.


To start the meal service I had some more champagne and started with a set of Canapés. The were all very tasty. Next was a first class staple of caviar served with a proper mother of pearls spoon. For my main, i went with the Grilled beef steak, which I ordered medium. Unfortunately, it was certainly well done, and took some work to cut through. This was honestly the only mark that Emirates missed on the whole flight in my opinion.


This was a relatively short flight of 6 hours & I was enjoying all the quality food & drinks onboard, I barely had time to sleep; in fact, I had no intentions of sleeping because I was this excited about the flight. There was about an hour or so left in the flight & I felt bad for having the FA make up the bed for such a short amount of time, but she assured me that it was no problem & that “I had to try it”. She quickly set up the bed for me and I rested/recovered from all the alcohol for a bit in the fully enclosed suite. The chair turned into a bed & was very comfortable, although has a slight tilt at the very end where your feet are. Some flyers have noted their distaste for this, but it was completely fine for me. The was a mattress topper and a very plush blanket & pillow to help you sleep comfortably. I could certainly see myself getting some real rest on a longer flight. As I laid down I looked at the ceiling that was filled with illuminated stars and I played with the cabin lighting for a bit in amusement that this feature.


As we landed & i was debarking, i was handed a small “to-go” cup with a healthy pour of some Hennessy paradis. This drink easily sells for $800-$1000 per bottle. This small gesture brings the whole first class flying experience together. Emirates First Class “The Game Changer” fully embraces the first class culture and leads from the front. Emirates first class product on their 777 is truly a special treat.

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