Review: Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club

By Devon Holly •  Updated: 08/12/23 •  2 min read
Sapphire Lounge HKG Bar
HKG, Terminal 1 near gate 40 June 2023

While I was at the airport, I decided to do some quick lounge hopping and use this unique opportunity to visit a lounge that I may not get a chance to visit again, for quite some time.

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Access- Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club

You can access the Sapphire Lounge by being a Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholder; it is also accessible via priority pass membership that comes with various travel credit cards. Since many travel cards have priority pass access, this lounge could become quite busy at peak times, however, it was mild when I visited.


There are multiple seating areas spread out through the lounge. There is a bar towards the back with seating for about six people; adjacent there is a few chairs centered around some smaller tables & about three to four booths as well. Behind the bar area is another seating area with some slightly obstructed views of the apron.


The food in the lounge was average and on par for most priority pass lounges in the U.S. Usually, priority pass lounges internationally are a step above their U.S. counterparts; some of them are even levels above the centurion lounge. There was a small cold food bar with the normal cold cuts and fruits; towards the back of the dining area, there is a hot food area with some basic foods. There is an option to order food from a QR code, but there are only three options on the menu at the time I visited.


As far as amenities go, the lounge is severely lacking. Besides the normal restroom, there are no shower rooms or spa to freshen up. There is also no fitness area, child’s area or any other amenities on offer.


The sapphire lounge is an ok lounge offering in the Hong Kong Airport. It is clean, generally quiet, and not busy; however I would not be rushing to visit again, especially if I have access to one of the Cathay Pacific lounges.

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