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By Devon Holly •  Updated: 07/07/23 •  5 min read
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Singapore First Class Suites ins a favorite among the points & miles community for a few reasons. The first is that the sheer amount of space in each suite, second to only the Etihad Apartments. The other being that it has one of the largest single beds, but there is a unique option where two of the suites can turn into a double bed in the sky at 30,000 feet!

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Booking- Singapore Suites

At the time of this booking, you could book this experience for 86K miles in First class. However, Singapore Airlines has since raised their award rates and removed the A380 from the route that I flew. Back in October of 2021 i booked business class for 72K miles, there was no first class award availability at that time. I also transferred in an additional 14K miles just in case i could find first class award space later on. I would periodically check back to see if any first class award space was open. On Christmas Evening, an amazing Christmas present appeared and there was first class suite award space! I immediately cancelled my previous ticket and booked their first class suites!

Ground Experience

At Frankfurt Airport (FRA) Star Alliance First Class passengers can use the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. Lufthansa has Business Class & Senator Lounges with the latter being a slight step up in terms of amenities offered in the lounge. However after visiting both the difference is marginal. The lounge has a smoking area, a sit down dining area, as well as some other scattered seating. There was a small hot food area serving breakfast at the time, as well as some cold cuts, pretzels, and self serve beer & wine. I did not spend too much time here before it was time to board. I made my way to the gate and boarding started shortly after. As suites passengers, we were first to board & took an escalator up to the second level and then entered the plane via the separate jet bridge for first & business class. The Airbus A380 is the worlds largest commercial plane and features an upper & lower deck. Upon entering the cabin, I could only say wow and be amazed at the sheer amount of space in each suite.

Cabin & Seat

Singapore’s Suites are arranged in a single row with three large suites on each side. If you are traveling solo, I would pick the first or second row on either side & hope that the cabin is lite so that you may get the chance at the double bed in the sky. Coincidentally, these are the same seats I’d choose if you were traveling as a couple, although you cannot go wrong with any seat in this cabin.

Singapore A380 Cabin


Singapore Airlines Amenity kit is very unique in that it is the only one I have ever seen come with a scented candle. It also comes with some cologne, body lotion, lip balm, and eye mask. They also provide some pretty stylish pajamas by LALIQUE that match the amenity kit. In the firs class cabin, there are two lavatories onboard. However, the one on the left is the significantly larger one. Upon entering you will find a huge, and stylish lavatory consisting of a powder table, changing area, covered toilet seat cover, multiple mirrors and more LALIQUE amenities to freshen up with. The space is so large that you can do “take a lap” or two in the lavatory. After each person, the staff came in immediately and freshened up the space before the next passenger entered.


Singapore Airlines allows it’s First & Business class passengers to pre-select their meals 48hrs before departure. This service is called “Book the Cook” and there can be some really special items on this menu, so it is always a great idea to check it out before your flight. Once the meal service started I was brought more Dom Perignon which was followed by Singapores signature chicken satay. I had heard from many previous frequent flies that the satay is delicious and it did not disappoint. For my main, I opted for the braised beef cheek & vegetable dish. I accompanied this with a glass of delicious red wine. Lastly, for desert I had a beautifully plated chocolate mousse dish. The dinner service flowed smoothly and all the meals were tasty.


Singapore Airlines is unique in the fact that the partition in suites 1A & 2A or 1F &2F can be turned into a double bed. Unfortunately for me, the cabin was completely full during this trip so I had to “settle” for just a single bed. The bed lays completely flat and is the full width of the suite! Once I headed to the lavatory to change, the FA’s made up my bed. Singapore has a pretty hefty mattress cover & duvet combination that should surely help you get some rest. The only downside is that the bed can be slightly hard for some sleepers, but I had no trouble falling asleep. I fell asleep for maybe 2 hours or so which was good enough for me on this short flight. When i awoke, I sat in the separate Recliner chair with a cappuccino and reflected back on this amazing opportunity.


Singapore Airlines First Class Suites lived up to the hype. From the outstanding service from the FA’s, to the great dining & beverage program, and the massive space you have to yourself, you will surely not be disappointed if you can find award space on this beauty.

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